10/29/18 Minutes

October 31, 2018

  • Aggie Miracle (Guest Speaker)

    • Children’s Miracle Network

    • McLane’s

    • Fundraise for McLane’s hospital

    • March 2nd – aggie dance marathon 10 AM – 10PM

    • Celebrate kids and the fundraisers themselves (miracle makers)

    • Have an experience with those kids, something you won’t forget!

    • 62% of organization to sign up for ADM, get Aggie Blossoms on back of shirt

  • SGA (Guest Speaker) - Beverly

    • Here to advocate for us, listen to us

    • tx.ag/TAMUSGA

    • Reach out via Twitter, Instagram, etc

    • Reach out to President Amy Sharp

  • Twin City Mission (Guest Speaker) - Ron

    • Partnering with them for Canstruction

    • A lot of people need these services

    • Canstruction is a tough job, but these people have rough lives and need our help

  • Aspen Heights (Guest Speaker)

    • Homes & duplexes

    • Past cottages & junction

    • Foodie Friday

    • Follow on social media – do giveaways (@aspentamu)


  • Arya – President

    • Thank you, Dani for retreat

    • Thank Jaisy for mixer &t thanks to everyone for representing

    • Make sure you’re budgeting your time wisely with school and Blossoms

    • Any concerns with direction of this organization, individuals, any concerns in general: please contact Arya or Amy


  • Kennedy & Claudia – Philanthropy

    • Jason’s Deli Profit Share: Next Tuesday 5-10 Nov 6th

      • Please commit to eat online – need 20 people or it’ll get cancelled

      • Need 40 people to actually be there to make money***

      • Wi-Fi will be there so come do homework!

    • Calling businesses due Nov 26th


      • Forgot your businesses? Reach out to Claudia/Kennedy and they’ll send it to you

      • LINK TO YOUR ASSIGNMENTS – in previous minutes

    • Collecting school supplies at all meeting or whenever works

      • 3 items = 1 point

      • Max 3 points

    • Golden Clover Company

      • Jewelry & candles

      • All profits goes towards Aggie Blossoms

      • Would you all be interested? You get 1 philanthropy point per item bought

      • Link in meeting minutes

      • There will be a Facebook page for it to share


  • Hailey- Service

    • Build-Would love to go on women’s org week on either Monday or Friday for next week, will send groups out,

    • Waiting to hear back from pen pals, they will write to us first

    • Cards for hospitalized kids- Sunday right before PR pics 12-2pm at Hannah Solis’s house, you can also do it on your own- 15 cards=1 point, max 3 points

    • Next Sunday, service scavenger hunt with paradigm, will make joint teams, RSVP due November 8th – cannot write any religious comments on the cards and do not address that the child is sick. Example- puns and encouraging phrases!

    • Reminder- 8 Service points (6 if petal)


  • Janna – Historian

    • PR Pics Nov 4th @ 5PM

    • Administration Building

    • Denim & White/Cream and Light Blue

    • Brown/Nude shoe

    • Questions about outfit being okay? Text Janna


  • Jill – Fundraising

    • It’s been going well – thank y’all!

    • Next: Grub November 13th

    • FB Page will be sent out soon


  •  Bry – PR

    • Merch is here!

    • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YuKCztOdiJYc7PZ5IkKSEbNOo6SZDVD-Tara8IoMftU/edit?usp=sharing

  • Order form will be sent out soon (prices will be on the sheet)

    • Not obligated to buy anything

    • Sheet is for a COMMITMENT to buy – it is an order form

    • Deadline TBD

  • PR shirts are not in yet, but hopefully will be sent soon


  • Tiffany – Canstruction

    • Cold calling due this Friday


      • Call business, say the script, give Tiffany’s information (in the script also)

      • Text/email which businesses you called and what they said

      • MANDATORY – if not done by Friday at 5, will receive a demerit

  • Cold calling assignments: 
    Sponsor letter: 
    Cold calling script: 

  • Bake Sale on NG – Nov 9th (next Friday)

    • Link to sign up for shifts

    • Link to sign up to bake

  • Sign up sheet for baking:
    Sing up sheet for shifts:


  • Nov 12 – 16

    • Banner holding

    • Can donation in MSC

    • Required 2 hours of either MSC OR banner holding

  • Sign up for banner holding and can drive:



Dani – Sisterhood

  • Thank you to everyone for coming to retreat!!

  • Sisterhood event (You Paint It) this week Nov 1 – MOVED TO NEXT SEMESTER

  • Friendsgiving Potluck (Location TBD)

    • Will let know through remind

  • Joint Sisterhood event with AEPhi at end of month

    • Possibly Zumba, get excited!

  • Problems with points? Text Dani (917-225-9548)


  • Jaisy – Social

    • Thank you for being super involved in the mixer/date party – hope y’all had fun

    • Mixer: Nov 8th with AMA

      • Last opportunity for social point if you haven’t got your three points required for Social

      • FB Invite will be sent

      • T-shirt for the mixer: LINK

        • Link closes Tuesday (10/30) night

    • Semi Formal: Nov 16th

      • Downtown Bryan

      • Theme: Will You Accept This Final Rose?

      • No color to stick to, but black, red, gold will work well

      • FB invite will be sent – invite your date

      • Any suggestions? Text Jaisy

    • Need Social points? Text Jaisy


  • Keeli – Treasurer

    • 2nd installment due TODAY

    • final installment, next meeting

  • Any other questions?

    • Retreat shirts coming in?

      • Hit a bump in the road, will have by next meeting (hopefully!)





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  • NEW PASSWORD: Blossoms2020


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