10/14/2019 Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2019

Abigail Wilson - Guest Speaker

  • 5k run for college of nursing

Tiffany - President 

  • We’re bringing back the facebook!

  • All events will be posted within this Facebook page 

  • You can subscribe to meeting minutes,they will be sent to you when they are posted

  • Points sheet is on members only page

  • Standards board: Kara, Jane, and Lindsey 

  • If you feel like there needs to be anything reported (inappropriate behavior) email Tiffany

Amy - VP

  • Updated points

  • Send in things for study space! Only things from past semesters, include subject, professor, and semester

  • Call/text/DM me for anything!

Rania - Secretary 

  • Send conflict forms before 7pm the day of the meeting!

  • Extra bookmarks available if you want one 

  • Text me if you need anything 832 335 2571

Claire - Treasurer 

  • Second installment of dues due today!

  • You cannot receive gen mem or philanthropy shirts if you have not paid second installment

Madeline - Sisterhood


  • Zumba event w/ Lucy Oct 29th @ 7:30pm, costumes are welcomed, NO GLITTER

  • Call/text/dm me if you need anything!

  • Extra point for costumes ****

Myrka - Social 

  • Thanks for coming to ABK mixer!!!!

    • Report anything to me about men’s org members

  • Date party costume themed Oct 24th

  • Semi theme is Old Hollywood! IT’S ON NORTHGATE!!!!!! :)

  • Send me pics from mixer if you haven’t yet!


Kara - Public Relations

  • Gen mem and philanthropy shirts are here!
    Merch coming soon

Kyla - Fundraising

  • Bake sale on northgate 11:30-2am

    • Points to help baking that weds/thurs before (TBD)

  • Volleyball tournament, pls sell tickets!!! Must sell 2 tickets

    • You do not have to play, you can also volunteer

    • Groups will be made on group me this week

    • Prizes for group baskets

    • Raffles of stuff people have donated

    • Volleyball shirts are optional, link on FB page, $12

Kelli - Service 

  • Pen Pal letters are here!

    • Please try and get them to me by sunday!

  • Disaster relief donation drive, points for donating supplies

  • Oktoberfest Half Marathon @ kyle field, pls let me know if you are actually going for a head count! 10/19-20

  • Ball park boo fest 10/27 4-9pm

  • Build, fill out form in GM to go with a blossoms group

  • Cards for hospitalized kids, 11/10 → 15 cards= 1 point (3 max) bring to meeting on 11/11!

Whitney and Hannah - Philanthropy

  • Cane's profit share 10/15 5-9pm, mention blossoms! Wear a shirt for a point, bring a friend for a point!

  • Keep selling candles!!

    • Send social media posts to us!

    • You can repost again later in the semester

    • Don’t know if someone bought candles from you? Ask us

  • Halloween Fundraiser (pretzel rods, cake pops), joint philanthropy and canstruction event, points can go either way

    • We are going to be taking donations, you can help bake for points too

    • Deadline for donating things due next meeting (10/28)

    • Different flavors at different houses

    • We will have a table at the MSC for pre ordering (excel sheet coming soon)

    • Pickup at MSC

    • 1 hour = 1 point, 1 shirt= 1 point

    • ½ point for using baking supplies, ½ point for someone using your name on a google form 

Jill - Historian 

  • Jane= social media spotlight!!

  • PR pics oct 20th at 5 pm, mandatory! If you cannot attend send conflict form to Blossomshistorian@gmail.com by noon the day of!

    • Theme is maroon, white, and denim with neutral colored shoes, no ripped jeans

  • If you want your pic taken at an event please reach out to me!

  • If you want to be posted on insta please send me pics!

  • Send pics from mixer! 

  • PR pics are at the association! 

Brittany - Charity Liaison 

  • Thanks for coming to grub profit share!


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