1/27/2020 Meeting Minutes

February 1, 2020


  • Point sheet is up

  • Feb 1st is the deadline for membership status

  • If you’re interested in becoming an officer pls reach out to them!

Vice President

  • Study space


  • Email conflict forms by 7pm of meeting


  • Feb 21st is first payment deadline

  • Apply for scholarships!


  • McAlisters profit share 1/28

  • If you did not go to Blaze, you must go to this one (or send in a conflict form)

  • You can still bring people to these meet and greets since it is a profit share

  • weds /thurs informational (must come to at least one)

  • Weds → 530

  • Thurs → 7

  • Blossomsrecruitment@gmail.com

  • Apps due at 5pm friday!


  • GENTS mixer this thursday 9-11

  • Hunt or be hunted, 9-11

  • Interested in social? LMK!


  • Pls consider being a Big!

  • Points are in, lmk if any issues

  • If you want to be a big, you must date at least 4, drop off 2 gifts and reach out 4 times

  • NMS & retreat are mandatory, must send conflict form if you cannot attend either

  • NMS feb 12th 9-12am, feb 8th at 5pm is deadline to rsvp

  • Galentines feb 16th 12-2pm

  • Retreat feb 22nd 12-8pm

  • NMS= neon theme

  • Interested in sisterhood, lmk!


  • Feb 11th big/lil date week profit share at U-Paint it

  • Send designs for sticker sale


  • PR shirts feb 17- march 6

  • Selling old merch

  • Interested in PR? Lmk!


  • Keeping sending pics for me to post!

  • PR pics March 29th


  • Pen pals will happen when we get petals

  • Cards for hospitalized kids this sunday 1-3pm

  • Service scavenger hunt with paradigm, rsvp by feb 21st


  • McAlisters profit share tomorrow!!!

  • Valentines pre sales start today!


  • 5 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Texas themed

  • 3 points max for cans

  • Baking feb 9th-12th

  • 3 points for valentines day, 1 must come from baking

  • ½ point per order in your name

MEETING MINUTES QUESTION LINK: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQH1tiL79zL6EbHEzB8DNWHzaIcPbkgFxzEPcuQnLinYlHYQ/viewform

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Tiffany - President 

  • Excused absences → miss meetings for tutoring, another meeting, class, lab, STUDYING IS NOT AN EXCUSE!!!

  • Text me 614 483...

2/24/2020 Meeting Minutes

February 26, 2020

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