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In order to have the most fun sisterly bonding events, it is important to have the monetary value to do so. We work on fundraising events such as profit shares, and other fun social fundraising events. We work together as difficult as it may be sometimes to raise money for our sisterhood. 



The recruitment committee prepares for all recruiting events for the fall and spring semesters. Aggie Blossoms constantly strives to recruit women who will find a home in our organization and make it better than it was before. After recruitment, we plan events for our newest petals to get to know one another and help them build long lasting friendships.



Blossoms makes an impact on the community by encouraging the education of lower income students. Every year we raise money through various events in order to send a large sum to World Vision Kits for our backpack building event. The backpacks we build are then sent to low income children that don't have the money to get supplies through their own means.




Public Relations

Our job as the public relations committee is to get our name out and make our impact on the community known. We are in charge of shirt designs, flyer designs, social media updates, banners and most importantly our lovely website you are currently looking at. With time and careful detailed designs, people begin remembering the Aggie Blossom name.



We make an impact on the community by encouraging the education of lower income students through mentoring and volunteer work. It does not stop there! Each year Aggie Blossoms chooses many different service events. We have worked with Big Event, Replant, Habitat for Humanity, and Phoebe's home. Whether it is helping children or anybody else in the community, Aggie Blossoms is always eager to help. 




Networking plays a strong role in any Aggie's life as well as any Blossom's life. We take our social events to network with other organizations through fun mingling events! We also network and socialize within our own organization to make sure we get the full feel of our sisterhood and personalities. 



Social Media

We LOVE to show off our members! Our social media committee is in charge of showcasing our events and the accomplishments of our members. We want everyone to know who we are and why we are the best woman's organization at Texas A&M University!




Aggie Blossoms does not just help the outside community, but strives to make a community of strong women right here at Texas A&M. As a member of Aggie Blossoms you will meet a group of diverse women that will be your support system in any situation. You will make friends that can last a lifetime!


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