1/28/19 Meeting Minutes

January 30, 2019

Arya Monticino

  • Blossom Points/Active Members

    • 40 points each semester

    • 8 → Service

    • 7 → Fundraising

    • 7 → Philanthropy

    • 5 → Canstruction

  • Petals Points

    • 30 points each semester

    • 6 → Service

    • 4 → Fundraising

    • 4 → Philanthropy

    • 3 → Canstruction

  • Demerits

    • 5 / semester max

    • 2 service points = 1 Demerit

  • Active - don’t email me

  • Associate - $75, either 1 big event or 3 little events, no merch or formal. Only 1 semester of your membership

  • Inactive -  no events, no merch, no formal, only 1 semester.

  • If you are on probation, you must be active

  • 2 semesters on probation- removal. Can appeal for one semester.

  • Member status is due next meeting

Absence notification and forms

  • Excused vs. unexcused "Valid excused absences include exams, study groups/review sessions, medical emergencies and family emergencies."

  • Will receive demerits for unexcused or absences without notice.

  • Conflict forms


Can find info on the website Members Only tab: ABlossoms18


Standards Board

An entity to deal with events that violate our values and policies, including (but not limited to) bullying, drug use, and inappropriate conduct during events.

Made up of 2 nominated general members, 1 nominated exec board member, the president, and the Vice President.

Reports to standards board must be made in writing by emailing aggieblossoms@gmail.com. You may ask to remain anonymous.

Standards board nominations will be made at the end of this meeting.

If you EVER have any comments, concerns, or questions, do not hesitate to contact me or Amy personally. Email, text, call, whatever. We want to hear from you!

Phone Number → 940-368-2466


Amy Luo

Study Space

  -Any notes from past semesters ONLY

       -Include professors name and class           

       - ex: Lampo MKTG 321 Spring 2018

       -Any notes, study guides, quizzes, anything to help with studying!


**I am in charge of main point sheet. Contact me with any concerns

Natalia’s Care Package

Everything will be due the end of February

Can also venmo → @amyluoo

Phone number: (832)-517-0877


Rebecca Villarreal

  • If you know you can’t make it to meeting email a conflict form to @aggieblossomssecretary@gmail.com

  • If you are absent - fill our google form at the bottom of meeting minutes

    • Only have to fill out the form if you were absent

  • No conflict form and no google form = Demerit

  • Phone Number → 956-251-3394


Kennedy Martin-DeFrance & Claudia Yuhasz -  Philanthropy

  • Panera profit share TOMORROW 4-8pm

  • Valentine's Day oreo balls & chocolate covered strawberry sales start Friday

  • Zumbathon 3/24 80's themed

  • - Committees will have basket themes for raffle gifts

  • - Extra Baskets Themes

  • School supplies donations all semester (3 items = 1 point, max 3 points)

  • Kennedy →  (214) 998-3238

  • Claudia → (817) 247-3234


Dani Morea

  • New Member Social Scavenger Hunt: THURS Jan 31st!!! Meet at the MSC at 6:30 by the couches near the starbucks

  • S'mores Night Attendance: Poll

  • Who will be a Big???: Poll

  • Phone Number → 917-225-9548


Bryanna Lawrence

  • Pick up your merch from me if you haven’t already!

  • Sweatshirts $15

  • Fleece $34

  • Decals $3” philanthropy and general member shirts for the semester are being ordered!

  • Phone Number → 210-846-7907


Jillian Barthelemy

  • Sticker Sales!

  • Submissions open up tonight & and will close Friday at 5pm

  • 1 point per idea submission (max at 3 points)

  • Profit Share Next Week at U Paint It

  • February 5th 5pm-8pm

  • Make sure to text or email me a pic for proof! (extra point if you wear a shirt!)

  • Phone Number - 214-709-6757!!!!!


Hailey Gaige - Service


  • We are going to volunteer as a group with Twin City Missions Friday, February 1st. We can only go in groups of 5-6 at a time, (MINUTES: so please fill out this form so they know who to expect: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11jTpv6cy-xN3f58vE3jNYuncA_GYfjfSnM5KbWbdu-c/edit?usp=sharing

  • If you didn't get Big Event FB invite with the sign-up information, please find me!

  • Remember if you go to something, wear a shirt for an extra point & send me a picture!

  • Remember we are doing BAC this semester, sign-up instructions are in the minutes and we will find a time this semester to all go together, but you can go independently!

  • Phone Number → 832-454-2009

Tiffany Reck

  • Canstruction will be held on March 2-3rd from 10-4

    • We will be building structures out of cans and the theme is under the sea.

      • 3 Blossoms Teams

      • Blossoms

      • Blossoms/ABK

      • Blossoms/PBE

    • Attending the event is MANDATORY but you can be on whichever team you would like or you can just volunteer to work at the event!

  • To prepare for Canstruction we will be banner holding and having a canned food drive.

  • We will also be partnering with Philanthropy to do a bake sale on Northgate and selling oreo balls and chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day

  • Phone Number → 614-483-3038

Jaisy Castillo

  • Formal: April 27th, 2018

  • February's events: Feb 8th- Date Party, Feb 22nd- vine Mixer with Legion

  • Send a conflict form for the event you CANNOT attend, it's required to attend a social once a month

  • Add me on facebook so you can get all the invites -- Jaisy Castillo

  • Phone Number: 832-922-8576

  • @aggieblossomssocial@gmail.com

Keeli Machacek

  • Dues are $150 per semester

  • Installment dates

    • February 11th

    • February 25th

    • March 18th

  • Scholarships due this friday (2/1) at 8pm!

  • Phone Number: 832-257-5266

Princess Draine

  • #sisterhoodsunday → Max 3 points (PR)

  • Send pics to Princess

  • Phone Number → 832-971-6441




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  • Point reminders

  • 40 total

  • 8 service

  • 7 philanthropy

  • 7 fundraising

  • 5 canstruction


  • NEW PASSWORD: Blossoms2020


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January 15, 2020

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