2/25/19 Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2019

Arya Monticino

  • Next Meeting is President/VP election!

  • Monday after spring break

  • Start talking to officers - revealing exec board positions for those interested

  • Amendments to the Constitution

    • At least 2 candidates for each officer position

    • EX: Officer planning to continue - not off limits to current officer

    • If we don’t get 2 applications - will open up again!

  • New EXEC board Requirements/Expectations

    • Will talk about process next Meeting

  • National Eating Disorder Week

    • CALI Events

  • Taking Suggestions for last meeting


Amy Luo

  • Vine mixer points are updated, if I forgot anything let me know

  • March 7th will be a Mardi Gras themed date party

    • more info to come on facebook page


Formal will be at Pebble Creek Country Club → April 27th

  • Theme is casino night, more info will be on the facebook page later on

  • Point requirements

    • Need to have met point requirements by formals, if not met,(at least 2 weeks before formal) send as email listing ways to reach points. If still haven’t met by the end of the semester then you’re on probation

    • Can’t attend formal if you have 3 demerits, can work them off with 2 service points per demerit

  • Conflict forms

    • Only send if you can’t attend either of the socials

    • Don’t have to sen


Rebecca Villarreal

  • Conflict forms are due before meetings

  • Only have to fill out meeting minutes if you were absent

  • Send me pics to 956-251-3394 or aggieblossomssecretary@gmail.com for powerpoints!


Keeli Machacek

  • Next installment is due March 18th


Kennedy Martin DeFrance & Claudia Yuhasz

  • Zumbathon -- 80s Theme

    • 3/24/19

    • Are required to sell 2 tickets

    • If you cannot attend - HAVE to send in a conflict form

    • Now available to buy tickets on marketplace

    • 2pm-5pm (don’t have to stay whole time)


  • https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16Au6i_ivD0n11rdOZzoG6RBC_udBcAovwrT-Edlv6fk/edit?usp=sharing

  • Tickets

    • Are $15 NOW - prices will increase - buy NOW ;)

    • Shirt, Raffle Ticket, snacks

  • Valentine’s Supplies/Points - Talk to us

  • Banner Painting at Claudia’s House

    • (post directions here)

    • 2/27/19

    • 6pm-9pm

  • Banner holding the week before and after spring break

    • Everyone is required to hold for 2 hours

  • Reaching out to other Organizations

    • If you want to go w/ us to talk to other orgs - you can - will get points

  • Sub Zero Profit Share

    • Before canstruction teardown

    • 3/6/19

    • 12pm-8pm


Hailey Gaige

  • Bryan Animal Center

    • Wear a shirt & send a pic

  • Pen Pals

    • May set up time to pick them up - stay tuned

  • Canstruction Clean Up → MANDATORY

    • Can’t make it - send conflict form

    • March 6th at 9pm

  • Big Event w/ AMA

    • Deadline is extended to March 1st

    • https://event-day-2019.itemorder.com/sale?read_message=true


Member of the meeting -- Congrats EMILY BRACKEN !!!!


Tiffany Reck

  • Canstruction is March 2nd!!

  • Sign up sheets are posted in groupmes

  • Required to work 2 hours minimum

  • Interested in running for canstruction - text Tiff

  • Saturday morning of build day - 8am

    • Pick up cans at Walmart

    • Harvey Mitchell

    • Big SUVs or TRUCKS please sign up to help pick up cans

      • If you go to Walmart that does count as point

        • EX: Sign up from 8-10am

      • Volunteer sign up sheet

  • Banner holding and can drive

    • Ends Wednesday

  • Everyone who is building will get a shirt (will get a point)

  • If you are a volunteer - wear the black/grey General Member shirt from THIS year

  • Builds

    • Blossoms Build - Octopus

    • ABK - Sand Castle

    • PBE - Atlantis

  • Accepting can donations at any of Aggieland Outfitters locations around college station!

  • Donating there gets you a coupon for $3 OFF any one of their Tshirts plus Free AO Swag of your choice

  • One t-shirt offer per canned goods - NO LIMIT!

  • RT their tweet to get a point

    • Send Tiffany a screenshot

  • Please keep sharing the GoFundme!!!!


Jillian Barthelemy

  • Stickers will be ordered soon

    • Will be selling through a google doc (kind of like Valentine’s goodies)

    • $3 each

    • Bears, Blossoms, sticker - coordinate w/ Jill (won’t be on the google doc)

    • Stickers that are not associated w/ Blossoms can be sold to anyone

    • If you are not able to buy them - you can sign up to work the table at MSC in April

  • On the Border Profit Share

    • March 26th


Dani Morea

  • Must go to at least 1 sisterhood event per month

    • Can’t make it to at least one - then conflict form is needed

    • Please plan ahead for bigger mandatory event

  • International Women’s Day Brunch

    • 3/23/19

    • 12-2pm

      • Brunch food, empowered female speakers, picture opportunities

      • Blossoms are free - any +1 will be $10 cash or marketplace

      • Bring your mom, sister, Grandparent, aunt, YOUR LADIES - can also bring Men

        • Can bring MORE than one

    • Please RSVP to the page

      • So if you are bringing your mom - invite her to the facebook page also or text Dani and let her know

    • Is the ONLY sisterhood event of the month - if you can’t make it send a conflict form

    • Will be at the REC - same room as Fall 2018 new member social

  • Phone is broken - If need to contact Dani - GROUPME her or email Daniellemorea@aol.com



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  • NEW PASSWORD: Blossoms2020


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