3/18/19 Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2019

Arya Monticino

Overview of Exec Positions

  • Two people must run for a position. If only one person runs for a position, applications will be opened again

  • This does not mean positions will be co-chaired. The new president and VP will decided what positions will be co-chaired.

  • Still need location for last meeting- text me if you have suggestions for a place with a big room and a projector.

  • Formal- you may not attend if you have 3 or more demerits, have not made points/planned with me how you will make points

  • Points/plan due April 15

Amy Luo

Points are updated!

Formal → Location: Pebble Creek Country Club

  • Theme: Casino Night

    • Think red, black, gold

    • Can wear anything though

  • 4/27 (Saturday) time is still TBD

  • Tickets are $15 for your date

    • pays for food and venue

    • Make sure to add date to the facebook event page

  • Point requirements

    • Need to have met point requirements in order to go!

    • If point requirements aren’t met- need to send me or Arya  an email telling me how you’re going to meet the point requirements

      • if not met by the end of the semester, you will automatically be on probation for next semester

  • Can’t have more than 3 demerits

    • 2 service points = 1 demerit worked off

    • 5 demerits = automatic probation for next semester

Crawfish Boil

  • Location and Time is TBD

  • All info is on the fb page

  • Only send conflict form if you can’t attend ANY event during the month


Rebecca Villarreal

Overview of Secretary

  • In charge of taking attendance at every meeting

  • Takes minutes during General and Officer meetings

  • Sends out the weekly minutes to members and officers

  • Update events, announcements, minutes, etc. on website weekly

  • Performs other duties as directed by the President


Bryanna Lawrence

PR shirts are in - can be picked up at Bry’s house tomorrow

Overview of PR

  • Design/order general and service shirts per semester

  • Design/order PR shirts to sell per semester

  • Design/order merchandise to sell per semester


Tiffany Reck

  • Huge thank you to everyone who helped out w/ Canstruction

  • Will post pictures on the Canstruction page

  • If you haven’t made canstruction points - talk to Tiff

Overview of Charity Liaison

  • Putting on Canstruction-

    • booking venue

    • collecting sponsors and cold calling

    • working with Twin City Mission to plan the event

    • get teams signed up on and off campus

    • collect money for cans

  • Plan fundraising events to raise money for cans and entry fees for our teams

    • Bake sales, Valentine's sales, Holiday on the Quad


Dani Morea


  • REC ROOM: 1130

  • +1 MUST ENTER THE REC WITH YOU (You need your student ID)

  • +1 MUST have their tickets before the event

  • I need help setting up//gathering the last few items

Overview of Sisterhood


  • Plans and organizes monthly events and activities to promote sisterhood

  • Plans and organizes fall and spring semester retreats

  • Performs other duties as directed by the President

  • Presents a weekly summary of events to the president

  • Plans at least 1 event with another women’s organization at Texas A&M per semester

Keeli Machacek

  • Dues should be paid in Full

  • Talk to Keeli if aren’t able to

Overview of Treasurer

  • Collect dues

  • Budget and pay for events while working with the SOFC

  • Manage marketplace


Kennedy Martin De-France & Claudia Yuhasz

  • Zumbathon is on Sunday

  • Everyone is required to sell 2 tickets

Overview of Philanthropy

  • Schedule one profit share a month

  • Have one main event for the year

  • Contact World Vision Kits and build the backpacks


Hailey Gaige

  • Big Event March 30th!

    • teams will be posted on FB

    • questions/concerns about teams please contact me!

  • April 7: Dining in the Dark (sign-up on google calendar)

  • April 14: Service Amazing Race

  • May 1: Finals RAK

  • Bryan Animal Center & Cards for Hospitalized Kids - ongoing, independent

    • 15 cards = 1 point

    • Max 3 points

  • These are all the remaining points for the semester

    • Blossoms: 8 points

    • Petals: 6 points

  • Congrats to Kaili Wardlaw for Blossoms Spotlight!

Overview of Service Chair

  • Duties include planning at least 2 service events/month

  • Be present at all possible Blossoms events

  • Find ways to serve our philanthropy

  • Be available to help out with anything else the president and/or other officers may need

Jillian Barthelemy

  • Stickers

  • *you must sell 3*

  • For girls who want to: you can "check out" stickers from me. The stickers or money earned will be due back at the next meeting or earlier. Since this is Blossoms money and property, failure to return money or stickers without communicating to me will be a demerit.

Next Profit Share

  • @ On the Border

  • March 26th - 11am -10pm

Overview of Fundraising

  • Expectations: schedule at least 1 profit share each month and 1 big fundraiser each semester

  • Very flexible and up to you to make it your own


Princess Draine

  • PR pics March 31st @ 5 pm

    • @ George Bush Library ( back - passed the stairs)

  • Colors for PR Pics

    • Tops - Light/pastel - blue, yellow, pink

    • Bottoms - Non-torn denim (skirts, shorts, jeans, doesn’t matter)

    • Shoes - Nude/Brown


Overview of  Historian

• Try to have pictures from every event (if you cannot attend an event, make sure girls send you pictures from the event)

• Promptly creates Google Drive folder for pictures after every event

• Post on Social Media

• Organize end of year slideshow and scrapbook

• Organize professional photoshoots every semester for PR pictures. (You decide the dress code, photographer, date, and location)





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  • NEW PASSWORD: Blossoms2020


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