9/16/2019 Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2019


  • Welcome Petals!!!

  • President, Senior Psych Major from Fort Worth, Texas

  • S/O to Myrka for 1st mixer!!!

  • Point requirements

  • 40 points each semester:

  • 8 → Service 

  • 7 → Fundraising points

  • 7 → Philanthropy points

  • 5 → “Canstruction” points

  • Petals → Petal Points 

  • 30 points:

  •  6 → Service 

  •  4 → Fundraising 

  •  4 → Philanthropy 

  •  3 →  “Canstruction” points

  • Demerits (3/semester max, 2 service points/1 demerit)

  • Member status due by next meeting 

  • Active-don’t email me

  • Associate- $75, either 1 big event or 3 little events, no merch or formal. Only 1 semester of your membership

  • Inactive- no events, no merch, no formal, only 1 semester.

  • If you are on probation, you must be active

  • 2 semesters on probation- removal. Can appeal for one semester

  • If you cannot attend a meeting or event, please email a conflict form to the designated officer. Failure to notify or if absence is not excused → demerit

  • Conflict form is on website → aggieblossoms.com (PW = ABlossoms19), click on download conflict form.

  • You can add our google calendar for blossoms to your own calendar from the website calendar!

  • You can view the main point sheet on the website as well!


  • Lots of behind the scenes stuff, help Tiffany

  • Study space → send stuff for points, must be from past semesters. Include subject, prof, etc. 

  • Text me! 832 517 0877


  • Send conflict forms to aggieblossomssecretary@gmail.com BEFORE meeting

  • Fill out google form every meeting

  • Wear Blossoms shirts to meeting for an extra point

  • Try and introduce yourself to me if you get a chance so I can pair a name to a face :) 


  • If you cannot make retreat, try and volunteer for falconpalooza!

  • Build going out through the semester volunteering on your own or in a group 

  • Pen pals at Anson Jones elementary, more info to come later


H: 361-463-2435 

W: 214-957-9773

General Members- 7 points

Petals- 4 points 


  • Candle sale

    • 2 points required FOR EVERYONE 

    • After 5 points, each item is ½ a point per item can be used in any category 

    • ½ point per social media post 

    • Check the facebook page for link and group number!

    • Save confirmation email

    • Get a packet from us :)

    • Social media post = 1 point

    • Add us on facebook

  • On the Border 

    • 10am-11pm

    • 1 point for going, 1 point for wearing a shirt, 1 point per person you bring 

  • U-Paint it Profit Share 

    • September 26th 

    • 11am-8pm

    • 1 point for painting, 1 point for a shirt, 1 point per person you bring 


  • Send pics for insta hanging with Blossoms!

  • Must be appropriate

  • Social media spotlight (new this semester)

  • ^person who has the most blossoms tag posts will get a prize

  • PR pics are in late october

  • Color scheme suggestions?


  • Thanks for coming to the GENTS mixer! SO fun!

  • Add me on facebook, MUST RSVP on event pages! No matter if you can attend or not

  • Extra point for taking pic with guys at mixers

  • Date party is at the reserve clubhouse, 8:30pm-midnight, if you cannot come and you did not attend the mixer, you need a conflict form otherwise you receive a demerit. (or you can help decorate, donate, clean up, etc.)


  • 2300E → room number for new member social THIS THURSDAY 9/19 7-9pm

  • If you cannot attend, plan to donate an item (otherwise mandatory)

  • No rsvp= demerit, must do by 18th by 5pm

  • Big/lil date week, 4 dates minimum 

  • Reveal week= sept 29th- oct 5th, bigs must reach out to littles 4 times minimum

  • Retreat, MANDATORY, oct 5th/6th in Malakoff, TX

  • Big/lil reveal is AT retreat

  • 1 sisterhood event per month

  • If you cannot attend, send conflict form to aggieblossomssisterhood@gmail.com

  • 979 299 8846


  • Dues for petals = $180, general members $150

  • Google form for payment plan due 9/20 HARD DEADLINe (or demerit)

  • Scholarship apps will be sent out, due at 5pm on 9/20, send to Claire and Tiffany

  • New sisterhood scholarship (petals not eligible), full scholarship and extra money for blossoms expenses, due 9/20 as well (donated by Danielle Morea <3)

  • General member, $75 dollars in dues BEFORE retreat


  • October 3rd → grub gives back 

  • Speaker Ron Croizer speaking at next meeting from Twin City Missions


  • General members → 7pts, petals → 4pts 

  • Logies fundraising bake sale on oct 12th from 11:30pm-2am

  • Cannot wear Blossoms shirt if going to NG after bake sale


  • Must sell PR shirts, still in progress

  • I have your recruitment shirts! (must wear to new member social)

  • Buttons for sale for game day → $3, do not wear if you are participating in ACTIVITIES *wink wink* do not wear

  • Exact cash for buttons, if you cannot, come and talk to me

  • I have a lot of old shirts for sale, BIGS (if you wanna get these for your little), around $5 a shirt

  • I have shirts, sweatshirts, hats, buttons, etc.






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  • Excused absences → miss meetings for tutoring, another meeting, class, lab, STUDYING IS NOT AN EXCUSE!!!

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