2/10/2020 Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2020

President - Tiffany Reck 

  • Point requirements (petals)

    • 30 total points

    • 6 service

    • 4 fundraising

    • 4 philanthropy

    • 3 Canstruction

  • Website password: Blossoms2020

  • Note: You get a point for wearing a Blossoms shirt to most events!

  • 614-483-3038

  • email: aggieblossoms@gmail.com

Vice President - Amy Luo

  • Study space

    • Ex: Swim MGMT 211 Fall 2017 notes 

  • Text me if you need anything!

    • 832-517-0877

  • email: aggieblossomsvp@gmail.com 

Secretary - Rania Blaibleh

  • Email me conflict forms by 7pm on meeting nights 

  • February bookmarks are here!

  • Need Big/Lil reveal gifts? Check out my facebook/insta page @Raniascustomcreations! :) 

  • 832-335-2571

  • email: aggieblossomssecretary@gmail.com

Sisterhood - Madeline Allen 

  • Sisterhood Requirements:

    • Attend 1 Sisterhood Event a month

  • New Member Social and Retreat are mandatory

  • February Events

    • New Member Social!

      • THIS Wednesday, starts at 9, ends at 11!

      • Wear your brightest or whitest clothes, the theme is NEON!

      • Teams have been assigned on the facebook page, but will also post them in Announcements groupme!

    • Retreat

      • Saturday the 22nd

      • 12-8ish

      • Dinner and snacks will be provided

      • Petals RSVP by Thursday 5pm!

      • Lake Bryan!

    • Galentine's Day

      • Sunday 16th

      • 12-2pm

      • Potluck Style will send out sign ups for food tomorrow:)


      • Now until 02/21/2020

      • Bigs: Go on at least 4 dates with 4 DIFFERENT Petals:)

        • Send me a pic with the petal:)

  • Bigs and Petals: Sending out a get to know you form fill this out ASAP so I can give yalls info to the other group:)

  • Since there are 3 events in Feb and only 1 in March: You are required to go to 2 of the following; Retreat, NMS, Galentine's Day or International Women’s Day Brunch.

  • Phone Number: (979) 299-8846

  • email: aggieblossomssisterhood@gmail.com

Social - Myrka Lila

  • Next event is “Love is in the air” date party 2/13 this coming Thursday 

    • Will be making facebook event page 

  • ABK mixer on the night of canstruction

  • REMEMBER, you have to go to two total events can include the chimy’s GENTS mixer, the 2000s mixer, the Love date party, or the ABK mixer

  • If you cannot make two of these you must sent me a conflict form or it results in a demerit

  • Pictures = points, you have until the next event to text me proof! (ex, I accepted pics from Chimys mixer up until the 2000s mixer)

  • Have to attend one social event per month

  • Date Parties

    • Can bring anyone 

  • Mixers

    • Only open to Blossoms and the other Org that we are having the event with

    • Please don’t bring anyone else no in the orgs that we are mixing with, doing so will result in a demerit 

  • Number: 936-635-3575

  • aggieblossomssocial@gmail.com

Public Relations - Kara Peikert 

  • PR Shirt Sales February 17- March 6

    • This starts next Monday Feb 17th!!

    • You are required to sell at least 3 shirts

      • You can sell to anyone except to GIRLS who go to TAMU or Blinn!

    • I will be making a Facebook page that will go live on Monday and you will be able to invite your friends and family to it! (so go add me if you haven’t already!)

  • General Member and Philanthropy shirts have been ordered and will hopefully be here next week

    • Remember: You cannot get these two shirts until you have paid your first installment of dues to Claire 

  • My phone number is (936) 676-0224 if y’all need anything!!!

  • email: aggieblossomspublicrelations@gmail.com

Fundraising - Lindsey Abbott

  • U Paint It Profit Share, this tuesday!

    • Half off the studio fee, tell them you’re with Blossoms! Perfect for petal dates!! :) 

  • Sticker Sale

    • These are the sticker designs that won! 

    • I will let you know as soon as we get them in and give more details at the next meeting!

  • phone: 940-577-9125

  • email: aggieblossomsfundraise@gmail.com 

Service - Kelli Stokes 

  • Service Requirements

    • Petals: 6 points

    • General members: 8 point

  • I have pen pal letters!!!

    • these MUST be dropped off on Sunday nights & picked up at meetings on mondays


      if you can't do this please do NOT take a pen pal, each letter is 0.5 points

  • Cards for Hospitalized Kids due to me today after meeting

  • Service Scavenger Hunt with Paradigm - Mandatory

    • February 23rd

    • time: tbd

    • need a firm RSVP by Feb. 21st to make teams

      • i need a conflict form if you cannot attend

    • will be a sign up to donate items: max 3 points!!

  • Big Event 3/28 - Mandatory

    • if you want a shirt register before 2/15 this Saturday!!

    • access code: 1F919-02778

    • I also need a conflict form if you cannot attend or are volunteering with another org!

  • text me: (409) 548-2297

  • email: aggieblossomsservice@gmail.com

Philanthropy - Whitney Castille 

  • Philanthropy Chick Fil A Profit Share

    • February 18th: 5:00pm-8:00pm

      • 1 point for going 

      • 1 point for wearing a shirt 

      • 1 point for bring a friend 

      • 1 point per hour for working the table  

  • Banner Painting for Binglow 

    • February 25th-27th 

    • At Hannah’s House 

    • 1 point for every hour your there 

  • Committee Cold Calling (not mandatory)

    • 3 business = 1 point   

  • Binglow 

    • Theme: Outer Space 

    • March 21st 3-6pm

    • Tickets:

      • Required to sell 2 tickets

      • Tickets come with a shirt, food, and entry into door prize raffle 

      • Tickets will be sold on Marketplace: 

        • February 10th to March 1st - $15

        • March 2nd to March 20th- $20

        • At the Door- $25 cash only 

  • My phone number: 214-957-9773

  • email: aggieblossomsphilanthropy@gmail.com

Historian - Jillian Barthelemy 

  • Text me pics from events for the Insta!!!!

  • If you want pictures, seek me out!

  • PR pics are March 29th! Yay!

  • Text me! 214 709 6757

  • email: blossomshistorian@gmail.com

Canstruction - Kyla Alvarado 

  • Canstruction:

    • Seek sponsors for “Canstruction” event

    • Plans “Canstruction” event

    • Hold monthly committee meetings

    • This year’s theme is Deep in the Heart of Canstruction

  • Canstruction is THREE WEEKS AWAY!!!


    • If you can’t go please let me know ASAP

      • Send conflict form ahead of time!

    • If you tell me the day before or the day of it will result in a demerit

    • Will be sending out a form to sign up to volunteer either with ABK or Blossoms structure 

  • Please continue donating cans!

    • Five cans = 1 point

    • All cans for the event will be donated to Twin City Missions

  • Please continue to share the gofundme on social media!! 

    • This really helps get us to our goal both can and money wise!!!

    • One post is one point

    • You have to send me a screenshot of your post!

  • Please submit ideas for BUILDS!

    • 1 idea is 1 point!!

  • phone: 832-335-9684

  • email: bcscanstruction@gmail.com

Canstruction/Philanthropy Bake Sale Information 

  • Valentines pre-sale Closes Wednesday!!!

    • Baking : 9th - 12th

    • Please make sure to share the google form on social media!

    • Required points:

      • 3 required points for GEN MEM’s

      • 1 has to come from BAKING!!!

    • Other possible points:

      • Social media

        • 0.5 points per post

      • Posting flyers

        • Post 10 flyers = 1 point

      • Donations 

        • 1 point per donation

        • Max of 3 points

        • Items able to donate:

          • Strawberries

          • Pretzel rods

          • Milk and white almond bark chocolate

          • Valentine cupcake holder

  • Sitting at table

    • 1 point per hour

    • 1 point for wearing shirt

  • Baking

    • 1 point per hour (no point for shirt)

  • Items sold/bought

    • ½ point per item

Treasurer - Claire Crawford 

  • Dues!

    • Petal Dues: $180

    • General Member Dues: $150

  • Important Dates for the semester:

    • Feb. 21 - Payment Plan Form AND Scholarship Application due

    • Feb. 24 - First payment deadline

    • Mar. 23 - Second payment deadline

    • Apr. 6 - Final payment deadline

  • https://forms.gle/rCZohQizcos2t5G87 

  • https://forms.gle/3krFr1M3wVnBEEF36 

  • Have to pay first installment by Feb 24th to get your general and philanthropy shirts 

    • Will be prohibited from coming to events if you don’t pay dues :(

  • Types of scholarship 

    • Full, half and sisterhood scholarship 

    • Petals you can only apply for the full or half scholarship 


    • We want to be unbiased 

  • phone:346-718-8564

  • email: aggieblossomstreasurer@gmail.com

Recruitment - Kaitlyn Montgomery 

  • Message me if your points are not updated correctly!

  • I am the ‘mom’ of the petals now!

    • Hangouts when mostly everyone can come!

    • Yay to an exciting semester!!!

  • phone: 832-221-2910

  • email:blossomsrecruitment@gmail.com






Guest Speaker

Aggie Dance Marathon is one of the hundreds of dance marathons held around the country, where college students come together to celebrate the lives of children treated in Miracle Hospitals and raise awareness/funds for their life-saving treatments and medical equipment. 


This year, Aggie Dance Marathon will be held all day on Saturday, Feb. 29th - and we would love for Aggie Blossoms to celebrate with us, and make a true difference in the lives of our very own Miracle Kids. 


ADM is a day of dancing, playing games, watching performances, and hanging out with our miracle kids and families! It is a day that will not only change the lives of the children in the hospital but your life as well!


How to get involved? Go to aggiemiracle.com and click “Get Involved - Become a Miracle Maker” (or scan the QR code of flyers) where you can then register to attend Aggie Dance Marathon 2020. When you register, make sure you join your Organization’s Team to track the impact that y’all will make!


If you want to see what the day will be like, watch the video and get excited! 



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