10/2 Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2017


  • Founded in 2012

  • Build medical clinics out of shipping containers

  • Put in floors, paneling, AC, lights, plumbing, electricity

  • they go to developing countries

  • building 5 this year dedicated to Aggie Veterans

    • 4 going to outside of US

    • 1 going to Laredo  

  • You can come individually or with a group

  • Hours are 9 am-6 pm Mon-Friday

  • Have to wear long pants, closed toe shoes, no tank tops

  • You will sign a wavier when you're there or you can go online and sign it before hand

  • Location: by General Services Complex (bus 6, or parking lot 88)

  • you don't need construction experience to volunteer

  • ends Nov. 17th

President Ambur Duron (aggieblossoms@gmail.com)

  • Universal Pictures pre-screening

    • Happy Death Day

    • Thursday Oct. 5th @ 7:30

    • Facebook link

    • Voucher for the movie--it admits 2 people per voucher



  • Canes Profit Share

    • Oct. 10 (next Tuesday)

    • Details on how it works yet to come

    • last profit share for awhile so bring your friends and get your points

  • Committees

    • are assigned and you will be added to a groupme



Treasurer Abbey Menard (aggieblossomstreasurer@gmail.com)

  • Dues are due to day

  • third payment plan if you need to do 3 payments

    • 1st installment Oct. 2

    • 2nd installment Oct. 30

    • 3rd installment Nov. 13

Philanthropy Mayra Martinez (aggieblossomsphilanthropy@gmail.com)

  • Send text if you need to meet up to give supplies

  • Panera profit share

    • there will be an e-flyer 

    • need to present a flyer for us to get money

    • sign up sheet link 

  • Chocolate sales

    • 2 locations (Evans and Blocker)

    • everyone is required to sale for 2 hours, but they don't need to be consecutive

    • Oct. 16-20

    • If you take your name off the sheet the day before or don't show up that's a demerit

    • Make sure if something comes up last minute that there is someone to cover your shift, remember you know your test schedule so sign up accordingly

    • Sign up sheet link

Public Relations Corey Bruno (aggieblossomspublicrelations@gmail.com)

  • Email designs for PR shirt to Corey

  • Picture Day Oct. 29

    • Black dresses with either nude or black shoes

    • At the Admin building

    • either at 4 or 5 in the afternoon

Service Caroline Tidwell (aggieblossomsservice@gmail.com)

  • Bryan Animal Center Oct. 5

    • 4 pm-5 pm

    • if you want to sign up, you gotta sign up individually

    • take a photo if you went and if you're wearing a shirt

  • Buddy Walk

    • this sunday

    • you got to sign up individually, link on Facebook Page

  • Falconpalooza

    • Oct. 20-21

    • if you want to try to volunteer before leaving for the retreat you can

    • but Friday slots are all full so far

  • Brazos Fair and Rodeo

    • Oct. 20-22

    • if you want to try to volunteer before leaving for the retreat you can

  • Build counts as a service point

    • wear a blossoms shirt for an extra point 

    • send pictures

Sisterhood Kasey Coffman (aggieblossomssisterhood@gmail.com)

  • Big/Little Reveal week

    • is this week

    • if you haven't send Kasey your school schedule, email her

  • Reveal this Sunday at 6 pm

    • littles will meet at 5 pm to get hyped

    • location to be determined

  • Movie Night Poll

    • Select your Disney movie you would like to watch at the movie night with this poll link

  • Retreat

    • leaving around 7:30-8 that Friday

    • Conflict forms are due one week before we leave

    • We will get back by 3 or 4 on Sunday

Social Shelby Morales (aggieblossomssocial@gmail.com)

  • Beer Olympics

    • Date TBA

    • possibility it'll be in the Spring, but trying to get it in November

    • the teams will stay the same for those who have already bought supplies

  • Risky Business

    • with AMA

    • please don't show up in just underwear

    • Oct. 12

    • at 9 pm

    • the guys will have ties and the girls will select one at random

  • Paradigm Tailgate

    • won't qualify as the October point requirement

  • September point requirement 

    • if you RSVP to the Beer Olympics or went to the AMA tailgate, then you 

CAN-Struction Amber Phillips (bcscanstruction@gmail.com)

  • sponsorship deadline

    • extend indefinitely so we can get these sponsorships

    • please please please talk to businesses

    • get their business card 

    • you'll get a letter if you don't know what to say

    • if you work somewhere that might be willing to donate, talk to them

    • businesses don't have to be local

    • we're looking for MONETARY donations

    • smallest donations are $100 and goes up from there 

      • the different tiers of donations represent something different that the business will get in return

  • Team recruitment

    • you can create your own team if you want

    • Blossoms will have their own team

    • spread the word yo

Meeting Minutes Question link

  • This is DUE by Oct. 6 by 5:00 pm

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  • Point reminders

  • 40 total

  • 8 service

  • 7 philanthropy

  • 7 fundraising

  • 5 canstruction


  • NEW PASSWORD: Blossoms2020


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