Oct. 30th Meeting Minutes

October 31, 2017

Guest Speakers:

  • AgScents:

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=up49GmuGbi8

    • A non-profit company that was formed for MS in Business group

    • all the profits are going to the women's organization's philanthropy  that buys the most candles!

    • candles are $15

    • when you place an order just put Aggie Blossoms for the organization and family and friends can buy too and put Aggie Blossoms as well to count towards our total count

Fundraising Ambur Duron & Julie Thompson (aggieblossomsfundraise@gmail.com)

  • Fundraising Event--Pie in the Face in Rudder Plaza

    • Either going to be next week or the week after

    • not real pies will be used--plates of whip cream

Philanthropy Mayra Martinez (aggieblossomsphilanthropy@gmail.com)

  • Grub Profit Share

    • Sunday November 19th from 3 pm-10 pm

    • So far it's the last planned philanthropy event and a lot of people still need to meet the 8/5 point requirement, so keep that in mind that you may need to attend both the profit share AND the potluck

  • AgScents Candles

    • send Mayra proof of purchase confirmation and that can count towards a philanthropy point

Public Relations Corey Bruno (aggieblossomspublicrelations@gmail.com)

  • Picture Day

    • it was a great success

    • Make up picture day is next general meeting--wear black shirt

  • PR Shirts

    • everyone needs to sell at least 3

    • you can't sell to other girls at TAMU/Blinn

    • link closes Nov. 6th at midnight

  • Service/Philanthropy Shirts Handout

    • text Corey of when you're available to pick up your shirts

    • these are shirts that are included with your dues so everyone gets one

Service Caroline Tidwell (aggieblossomsservie@gmail.com)

  • Bryan Animal Center Volunteering

    • Nov. 3rd

    • please sign up, no one's sign up the past few times


    • ends Nov. 17

    • go 3 times and you get a T-shirt

    • Contact Caroline if you want to go with her

    • next week is a competition which org sends out the most volunteers--gets sticker on one of the units

  • Service Scavenger Hunt

    • Nov. 12

    • Sign up link

    • Meet at 1 pm outside MSC Starbucks

 Sisterhood Kasey Coffman (aggieblossomssisterhood@gmail.com)

  • Retreat Slide Show 

    • it may take time for it to load

    • Shoutout to Kasey for all the hard work and time and effort she put into planning an awesome retreat!

  • Yoga with Aggie Classics

    • Nov. 7th at 6:30 pm

    • Everyone will be split into teams

    • Come hydrated and eat before!

    • Waiver link

    • RSVP is due Sunday at Noon

  • Thanksgiving Potluck

    • Nov. 19th at 6 pm

    • There will be a spreadsheet for food sign up

Social Shelby Morales (aggieblossomssocial@gmail.com)

  • Big apology from the SUITS exec team

    • if any of their members said anything to you, let Shelby know what was said and who it was so they can be dealt with accordingly at the SUITS meeting

  • Gents Red, White, and Blue Mixer

    • Nov. 9th

    • Shiner Park

    • from 10 pm-12 am (2nd Floor, private)

    • Floor opens to the public at midnight

    • there may be a pre-game, will let you know

Treasurer Abbey Menard (aggieblossomstreasurer@gmail.com)

  • Second Installment of Dues are due TODAY

CAN-Struction Amber Phillips (bcscanstruction@gmail.com)

  • Calling companies Thursday, let Amber know if you can help

  • We will be holding banners and passing out flyers to get teams to sign up

    • banner painting sign ups and holding will be coming out soon

Meeting Minutes Question link 

  • DUE by Friday Nov. 3rd at 5 pm





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