Jan. 22nd Meeting Minutes

January 24, 2018

Guest Speakers

  • Aggie Royals

    • Philanthropy event: Sing for Soldiers for Soldiers' Angels

      • it's a lip sync and karaoke battle

      • there's a solo, duet/trio, and group categories

      • there will be prizes for the winner of each group

    • Where: The Tap

    • When: March 1st from 9 PM to 12 AM

    • Tickets

      • $8

      • $10 at the door

      • you can also purchase online, link will be on Facebook event page

    • T-shirts

      • $10 available for purchase and pick up at the event

  • AOPi

    • Philanthropy event: Rose Bowl for arthritis 

      • bowling tournament

    • Where: Grand Station

    • When: Feb. 25th

    • There Facebook event is going live TODAY (Jan. 23)

Secretary Jordan Kelly (aggieblossomssecretary@gmail.com)

  • QR codes

    • if you are having difficulty signing in at meetings, like a login page is popping up when there shouldn't be, let me know at meeting or shoot me an email

    • I've heard snapchat does work for scanning and also that it doesn't, so if you try scanning in with snapchat and it doesn't work then you may need to download a QR code reader app (they're free)

  • Attendance

    • Starting at the next general meeting, excuses will be DUE at 8:30 pm the DAY OF meeting

    • only excuses that will be accepted for after the day of meeting is if it's an emergency of some kind or something unexpected like you got a flat tire and can't make it to meeting (that doesn't mean "oh, I forgot I have tutoring for this today, i'll just email Jordan tomorrow"). this is because all other excuses are planned things that you know ahead of time. so this is just really to help you help me kind of deal

  • I'll pass out the Feb. event dates at the next meeting

  • Newsletter

    • if anything exciting happens in your life like you got a job, got engaged, got an interview for professional school, lost 5 pounds, let me know and you may make it into the newsletter!

President Ambur Duron (aggieblossoms@gmail.com)

  • Deadline for membership status (inactive or associate) is Feb. 19th

  • Application deadline is Jan. 26th at 4 pm...so tell your friends!

  • Executive board elections are happening after spring break!

    • ALL positions will be available, except for president and VP

    • if you're interested in a position, then you can reach out to the officer and see about shadowing them, or ask any questions you have for them

    • remember this will look good on resumes

  • S'mores Meet and Greet

    • Jan. 24th at 8 pm at Aspen Heights

Vice President Julie Thompson (aggieblossomsvp@gmail.com)

  • Study space

    • if you have any materials that you want to share and that aren't copyrighted by your professors, then email the stuff to Julie or give Julie the hard copies and she'll scan them for you!

      • these are your own hand written notes or old tests

      • tests have to be a semester old! (don't send current semester tests to Julie!)

    • this gives you points that will go towards your 40 overall points

Treasurer Abbey Menard (aggieblossomstreasurer@gmail.com)

  • Dues

    • First installment (if you're doing a payment plan) is due Feb. 19th

    • if you're planning on paying in full, then dues are due Feb. 19th

Fundraising Arya (aggieblossomsfundraise@gmail.com)

  • Jason's Deli Profit share

    • Jan. 24th--come before the meet and greet

    • from 5-10 PM

    • mention Blossoms at the register

Philanthropy Mayra Martinez (aggieblossomsphilanthropy@gmail.com)

  • Newk's Profit Share

    • Jan. 30th at 5-8 PM

    • Text pics to 956-622-9503 or email them to philanthropy email

Public Relations Amy Luo (aggieblossomspublicrelations@gmail.com)

  • Post on social media for recruitment points!

    • take a screen shot of your post and send to me!

  • Send ideas you have for merch

    • you'll get points for this

    • they don't have to be a computer design, they can be drawn on paper, or send a picture of the inspiration you saw

Service Caroline Tidwell (aggieblossomsservice@gmail.com)

  • cards for hospitalized kids

    • Feb 10th from 12-3 PM at Caroline's apartment

  • Animal shelter volunteering

    • you can go on your own to get points or go in a group

    • send a picture of you there

Sisterhood Kasey Coffeman (aggieblossomssisterhood@gmail.com)

  • Sisterhood monthly requirement

    • there's not one for January, but the S'mores meet and greet is highly encouraged because it'll look good on our part 

  • Big/Little

    • poll for who wants to be a big will go out soon

    • Big/Little dating will be starting by the next general meeting (that's really soon) so get to thinking

Social Shelby Morales (aggieblossomssocial@gmail.com)

  • Snow Daze with ACE

    • Jan. 26th at 9 PM

  • Salsa Night Date Party

    • Feb. 7th at 9 PM

    • at the Village at Downtown Bryan

    • trying to determine if you gotta pay for your dates or not

  • Send formal theme ideas so Shelby can get with Amy to start designing shirts early

  • Social requirement: attend one social a month (there's two social planned per month)

  • you have to meet all your requirements to attend formal

    • 40 points overall

    • 10 service

    • 8 philanthropy

    • 8 fundraising

  • there's no monthly requirement for January, but the Snow Daze will count as a Social point and can be applied to a month that you are unable to meet your requirement

CANstruction Amber Philips (bcscanstruction@gmail.com)

  • Sponsorships

    • so there are sponsors for the event and for teams

  • go fund me

    • amber will be setting up a go fund me for parents to donate money to our team

  • Blossoms team and joint team

    • we will be doing a combined team with Aggie Business Kings and our own

    • sign ups for the teams will come out soon

    • every blossoms will be taking part in this event, whether its moving cans around or on the teams

Meeting Minutes Question is DUE Friday, Jan. 26th by 5:00 PM




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  • Point reminders

  • 40 total

  • 8 service

  • 7 philanthropy

  • 7 fundraising

  • 5 canstruction


  • NEW PASSWORD: Blossoms2020


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