Feb. 5th Meeting Minutes (warning it's a long one)

February 6, 2018

Guest Speakers:

  • Big Event:

    • Sign up

    • Caroline has already created a Facebook group for our org. and we're doing it with SUITS

    • For those who've never done it before, it's a really rewarding service opportunity to give back to the residents of college station who put up with the excess traffic that us 65,000 students bring and our noisy parties.

    • the residents also give you a free meal as well

  • AMA Chili Chili (Chilifest)

    • $65—get two shirts, there will be chick fil a and hungry howies, bud light, beat box

    • Chilichili18.com

    • Tank top and t-shirt  

    • Last day to buy tix around March 25th

    • They’ll have flash sales

President Ambur Duron (aggieblossoms@gmail.com)

  • Schedule:

    • literally has class from 8-5 so if you try to reach her and she doesn't respond, she'll respond when she can

    • you can also reach Julie (VP)

  • Constitution https://docs.google.com/document/d/103p2okqcNAa9u663SdO6SBeNx9jhXTnfWLL_cGybPHI/edit

    • you can find it on this website

    • some summarized points:

      • Membership status

        • General (what everyone is at the moment)

        • Inactive: for someone who has a super busy schedule or something happened and won't be able to commit like they planned to

          • not allowed to go to any Blossoms events

          • doesn't have to pay dues

          • can only do this once

        • Associate: for someone who can commit some but may be still too busy to do everything

          • can go to 3 little events (sisterhood/social) OR 1 big social/sisterhood event

            • can't do formal though

          • pay only $75 of $150 dues

          • can only due this once

        • DEADLINE to declare inactive/associate status by FEB. 19TH by 8:30 PM

      • Demerits

        • Don't be scared, they're not that bad! they're up to the officer's discretion

        • 5 demerits and you get put on probation

        • more than 5 and your membership will be questioned to how committed you are to the org

        • you can work off demerits with extra service

        • how you can get demerits:

          • miss a required event without an excuse

          • don't meet your monthly requirement of 1 sisterhood/social a month

            • unless you have a legitimate reason for not being able to attend any of the events for that month

          • missing a meeting and not sending an excuse AND answering the minutes question, or sending an excuse AND not answering the minutes question

          • you RSVP to an event and don't show

        • Election process

          • read constitution

          • all officer positions will be open, except for President and VP

          • so if you have questions, don't be afraid to ask that officer or see if you can shadow them

        • Point Requirements:

          • Petals:

            • 8 service

            • 5 fundraising

            • 5 philanthropy

            • 30 total

          • Old girls

            • 10 service

            • 8 fundraising

            • 8 philanthropy

            • 40 total

          • how to get points

            • go to an event for an hour or more (1 per hour)

            • wear blossoms gear at event

            • bringing friends to our events (1 per friend)

          • don't meet requirements-->probation and no social

            • probation: can be on it for one semester

              • you can appeal it

    • Social media form https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15GIgXf2Z-SCg_odLlV2QE1QwtHgLuvRxotGjwv-Y6XM/edit#gid=0

      • fill out if you want to be friended or follow

    • Member information https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17N5qpZq69xAxUxxO4nR5RCy3dxzgj7aU_yosDxwdHSY/edit#gid=0

      • if your info isn't on here, please fill out. this is how you can find your sisters contact issue and stalk em (jk)

    • Calendar: link to it is on the home page of our members only page, all of our events are on this 

    • link your facebook to your tamu email to be add to FB group YOU MUST DO THIS

      • we invite everyone to the events via FB

    • Committees:  your job is to help the officer in charge plan their events, set up events, etc.

Vice President Julie Thompson (aggieblossomsvp@gmail.com)

  • Study Space

    • place filled with old notes/quizlets/exams from previous semesters

    • you can turn in your notes, exams, quizlets to Julie and she'll add them to the website so everyone can have access to

      • don't submit stuff from current semester--to avoid potential cheating

    • limit to 20 points

    • instructions on how to do this is on the website

Treasurer Abbey Menard (aggieblossomstreasurer@gmail.com)

  • Due dates

    • Feb. 19th

    • Mar. 19th

    • Apr. 16th

  • Payment plans

    • full: $150

    • 2 installments of $75

    • 3 installments of $50

  • if you can't make these days, let Abbey know and y'all can work something out

  • Scholarships

    • you can apply for a full or partial scholarship to cover your dues

    • due Feb. 19th

    • scroll in the announcements section (should be 2 posts before this) to find application

    • read instructions carefully 

    • must send it to both Abbey and Ambur

Secretary Jordan Kelly (aggieblossomssecretary@gmail.com)

  • Check in

    • normally there are QR codes, you simply scan it and answer the question from the google form

    • some say snapchat works others don't, so you may have to download a QR scanner app (they're free)

    • if you have any problems come up to me after meeting before you leave

  • acceptable Excuses:

    • tutoring, work, class, meetings, lab, planned events, TA sessions, SI sessions, etc.

    • studying is NOT an excuse, only tutoring or TA/SI study sessions or group projects

    • if there's an emergency of course, let me know when you get a chance

    • excuses are DUE day of general meetings by 8:30 pm

  • Minutes question

    • typically due Friday's the week of general meetings by 5 pm

    • these are just to ensure that you're reading the minutes

    • you have to do BOTH (send an excuse AND answer the question to be considered excused)

      • if you do one, but not the other, or forget to do both is a demerit

  • minutes:

    • you can subscribe to these announcements so that every time someone posts, it gets sent to your email. you just gotta enter your email


Fundraising Arya Monticino (aggieblossomsfundraise@gmail.com)

Philanthropy Mayra Martinez (aggieblossomsphilanthropy@gmail.com)

  • World Vision Kits

    • build school kits for underprivileged kids

    • event planned for later this semester

  • no events yet so we can focus on Canstruction

  • points for philanthropy profit shares works just like fundraising profit share

    • email or text proof

Public Relations Amy Luo (aggieblossomspublicrelations@gmail.com)

  • will send out link asking for shirt sizes through remind 101

  • send merch designs for points

    • this can be screenshots of pintrest

  • PR selling is hopefully before spring break

    • have to sell 3 shirts

    • to only guys and family members

  • if interested in buying previous blossoms gear, you can talk to Amy to see what she has

    • will also post on free for sale FB page

Service Caroline Tidwell (aggieblossomsservice@gmail.com)

  • Cards for Hospitalized kids

    • Feb 10th

    • 12-3 pm at Northpoint Crossing

  • Bryan Animal Center volunteering

    • week of Feb. 12th

    • fill out application online (google bryan animal center volunteering) https://www.bryantx.gov/animal-center/#animalsvolunteer

      • no fee

      • watch training video

      • HAVE to sign up through their link to volunteer

    • can volunteer on own time or with group

    • can also volunteer for Aggieland Humane Society

    • point per hour you volunteer

  • Brazos Valley Senior Games

  • friend Caroline on FB so she can invite you to her service events

Social Shelby Morales (aggieblossomssocial@gmail.com)

  • Salsa Night Date Party

    • Feb. 7th from 9 pm-12 am

    • mini dance lesson

    • @ the Village in Downtown Bryan

    • payment:

      • if you RSVP, Blossoms will cover YOUR dues, NOT your dates'

      • if you don't RSVP and show up, its $8 at your door

      • YOU pay for your date at the door, its $8

    • you can bring a crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, your BFF, your roomie

  • Capture the Flag with Aggie Business Kinds

    • Feb. 17th

    • @ Bee Creek Park 5:30 PM

    • mixer-->can't bring other people

  • Formal survey sent out on remind 101, please answer

    • April 29th

    • Boat cruise thing in Austin

    • guys wear slacks/blazer/sports coat, girls wear cocktail dress or floor length gown (prom)

    • have to make requirements to attend

Sisterhood Kasey Coffman (aggieblossomssisterhood@gmail.com)

  • Big/Little

    • surveys were sent out for bigs/littles to fill out

    • Date week starts now and ends 11th

      • a groupme will be created with both bigs and littles so y'all can randomly find someone to do something with

    • Feb. 11 prefs go out

      • you pick your top 5 bigs/littles

      • due by 12th

    • Feb. 15th decisions sent out to bigs

    • Feb. 18th Reveal

    • dates may move around a little

  • Galentines Day

    • Feb. 11

    • Brunch, dress cute

    • potluck style

Canstruction Amber Philips (bcscanstruction@gmail.com)

  • the event

    • we partnered with Twin City Mission to raise money and cans of food

    • teams will build structures out of their cans

      • Blossoms building gumball machine

      • joint team with Aggie Business Kings building Hershey's Kiss

    • at Post Oak Mall

    • building happening on Feb. 24-25

    • EVERY member is REQUIRED to go, whether you're building the structure or working the event

    • structures will be on display for a week

Meeting Minutes Question: https://goo.gl/forms/zZFhBfXnyeff5XJT2

  • DUE Friday, Feb. 9th by 5:00 PM

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  • Point reminders

  • 40 total

  • 8 service

  • 7 philanthropy

  • 7 fundraising

  • 5 canstruction


  • NEW PASSWORD: Blossoms2020


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