2/19 Meeting Minutes

February 20, 2018

Secretary's note: If you were dressed in your big/little outfits today, email Jordan to get points for wearing a blossoms shirt. Also if I missed giving you a point for wearing a shirt at meeting because you came in late, email me and I will correct it. (you may not see this until next week once the main point sheet is updated)


HIstorian Corey Bruno (aggieblossomshistorian@gmail.com)


Guest Speakers:

  • 5 for Yell:

    • to know who, you can find their campaign on Facebook

    • all corps members

    • apparently very extensive process within the corps when it comes to selecting the 5 candidates

  • Tell Your Story

    • Next Wednesy, 28th at 7 in Rudder

    • 3 speakers coming to tell their stories

      • Joe Sohm--photographer who's been around the world

      • Ann Hauser--Holocaust survivor

      • Elizabeth Ellis--ex Rockette, now in DC

    • tix are $5 or free if a group of 10 or more go together

    • to buy tix, find their Facebook event

  • Stand with Strnadel (Cason Strnadel)

    • From Tyler, TX

    • Running for yell leader

    • Non-reg. candidate

President Ambur Duron (aggieblossoms@gmail.com)

  • Membership status deadline is today

    • if you want to stay a general member, no need to email me

    • if you have questions about the different statuses email me

    • email me your decision by midnight TONIGHT

Treasurer Abbey Menard (aggieblossomstreasurer@gmail.com)

  • dues due today

  • if you don't pay your dues, you will be on probation and can't go to formal

  • if you can't make any of the due dates, talk to Abbey to pick a time that you can meet with her to give her the money

Philanthropy Mayra Martinez (aggieblossomsphilanthropy@gmail.com)

  • 3/1 BJ profit share from 11 am-11 pm

    • must present flyer for us to get the money

  • Binglow

    • everyone required to talk to one business

    • the actual event: we will have food, prizes, bingo (obviously)

      • location at MSC

      • will go over more details next general meeting

      • 3/25 in the evening

PR Amy Luo Iaggieblossomspublicrelations@gmail.com)

  • pictures for semester 3/4

    • we will be wearing general member shirts, any jean bottoms, can wear skirts but have to be fingertip length, nude or brown heels/flats/wedges, no holes!

    • Amy will let you know when she's free to meet up to pick up the gen mem shirts

    • time is TBA

    • location is George Bush Library

    • if you can't make pics, let Amy know, you will take your pic at the next general meeting

    • you will be taking committee pics, big group pics, and individuals

    • need to have hair and makeup done

  • PR shirts

    • link to sell will come out soon

  • philanthropy shirts will be handed out at the next general meeting

Service (aggieblossomsservice@gmail.com)

  • if you do any of these events, take a selfie of you there. and as always you can volunteer at BAC or Aggieland Humane Society

  • Senior games--this weekend

    • sign up on facebook page

  • Spring Carnival 3/2

    • facebook page with link to sign up

  • ADM--3/3-3/4

    • $20

    • sign up in facebook event

    • it's a come and go event

    • mini events throughout the day

    • you can just show up to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Big Event

    • sign ups extended till 2/23

    • link in Facebook

    • T-shirt link is functioning again

Sisterhood Kasey Coffman (aggieblossomssisterhood@gmail.com)

  • Baseball game tomorrow

    • check facebook event

    • game starts at 6:30 pm

    • meet at 6 pm

      • map of location in event page

    • you can show up late if need be

    • if it rains out and you RSVPd, you still get a point

  • Randomized groups in place of retreat

    • these groups will consist of new and old and the group is responsible to have their own sisterhood event (i.e. movie night at someone's house, girls night at Grand Station, etc) by a certain date that is TBD

Social Shelby Morales (aggieblossomssocial@gmail.com)

  • if you RSVPd to Capture the Flag you will get a point

    • if you went to the pregame but didn't RSVP for Capture the Flag, this doesn't count as point because the pregame wasn't the event

  • 3/8 Murder Mystery Date Party

    • time and location TBD

    • you can bring whoever or go stag

  • 3/22 Amazing Race with AGI

    • starts at 7:30 pm

    • will be in teams, doing different tasks for points, who ever has most points will get a prize

      • 3 AGI and 3 Blossoms will be assigned

    • some tasks will be at Northgate (~10:30 pm)

    • if you can't make the event start time, let Shelby know and she can group you with others who will have to join late

  • 4/28 Formal

    • we're going to Austin

    • we will be on the boat from 6:30-9:30 pm

    • other accommodations are still trying to determined (hotel blocks)

      • you will be paying for this

    • so if you need to start making preparations for this, you have time

    • need to meet point and due requirements in order to attend

CANstruction Amber Philips (bcscanstruction@gmail.com)


    • official itinerary will go out later this week

      • If you're on one of the teams or just working the event to set up, you need to be at the mall by 8-8:15 am to help carry cans inside

      • the building will start once everything is in and go over the rules

        • won't go over 6 hours for building per day (i.e. if we start at 12 then we will end at 6)

      • starting time for Sunday depends how much gets built on Saturday

      • structures will stay up the entire week

      • next general meeting 3/5: we will be meeting at the mall at the normal time

        • we will be tearing down the builds to put in boxes and give to TCM

        • if you know you can't stay after meeting, then you need to come sometime before the meeting 

        • this is mandatory for everyone to attend (whether it's at the meeting or  earlier in the day)!

        • transportation is not an excuse for not being able to attend

          • there's a bus from campus to the mall

          • there is also a carpool sign up sheet that will go out closer to the next meeting

    • getting cans from Walmart to Mall

      • Plan A: Saturday morning--need people with big cars to pick up cans to drive them to the mall

      • Plan B: if Walmart makes us pick up cans before Saturday then if you volunteer your big car to help for Plan A then stay tuned

    • Shift Sign Ups

      • 2 hours are REQUIRED! for all members

        • total for the weekend

        •  doesn't need to be consecutive

        • if you show up early to help move cans in because you can (pun not intended and took 2 hours, and signed up for a shift later in the day, you must still attend your shift even though you met the 2 hour requirement

      • when you arrive you MUST check in with Amber at the event

      • sign up sheet

      • if you're just working the event (not on a team)

        • you will be manning the table or walking around to tell people about TCM and Canstruction and maybe handing out flyers

    • Teams

      • if you're in one of the teams, you should have been added to a groupme

        • look for sign ups on where and when you need to be there because only 5 people are allowed to be building at a time

        • there will be food and water for teams

  • if you have a go pro let Amber know, so we can take cool videos of the event

Meeting Minutes Question: DUE Friday, February 23, 2018



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