March 19th Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2018


  • Deadline is 5 PM or its cancelled

  • There will be a bus to provide transportation to and from 

  • We get a lot of money out of it, the more girls that volunteer

  • We will be working security

  • March 31st


  • Please go to profit share at Chipotle tomorrow FROM 5-9 pm

    • we get 50% of profits BUT we need at least $300 to be spent in order to see half of that

    • if you RSVP on FB event and don't go that will be a demerit

  • Apply for Fundraising!

    • Perfect introduction to exec board

    • Plan a profit share per month

    • At lease one big fundraising event per semester

    • Not a time constraint


  • Banner holding started today

    • A lot of free spots for tomorrow so please sign up if you can

    • everyone required to do 2 hours

    • look at sign up sheet--if you take your name off or switch shifts at last minute you can get a demerit

    • sign up sheet will be taken a picture of 2 days prior

    • Blossoms 3 and 4 at the MSC on Thursday and Friday will be sitting inside selling tickets/distributing shirts

  • Binglow

  • Apply for Philanthropy!

    • the money philanthropy raises goes towards us to having our backpack building

    • you plan profit shares and a big event per semester

Public Relations

  • PR shirt sales are over, raised $500

  • A poll for the merch will go out to get an estimated price on things based off interest, keep in mind that the more people who order things, the cheaper it will be

  • a second poll will go out and that will be for girls to sign up for what they actually want

  • merch includes tank top, cap, and football pin

  • PR Pics will be on backside of Admin building

    • wear grey general member shirts with jean bottoms (no holes), brown or nude heels/sandals

  • Apply for PR!

    • you get to design shirts and be on pintrest all day

    • find the photographer for PR Pics

    • take over social media platforms while spamming it with everything Blossoms

    • "I procrastinate a lot and I can still finish everything I need to do on time"


  • if you missed the QR code for sign in and don't get the credit then email Jordan

  • Apply for Secretary!

    • you get to make the awesome biweekly powerpoints

    • take attendance

    • handle meeting excuses

    • not a huge time commitment, you only need to do your stuff on Mondays


  • BAC Volunteering

    • survey for availability for this month

    • find the time that works best for most people

    • if you don't know how to sign up for training ask Caroline or look online

  • Big Event

    • is this Saturday

    • 114 between both Suits and Blossoms

    • teams for Big Event is going to be reconfigured so the girl:boy ratio is more accurate

    • meet at Koldus at 8 am

    • not having a ride is not an excuse for not attending if you already signed up to go

    • will be strict with demerits for this event

    • big event and blossoms shirt are for your shirt point

    • if you drive your group that's an extra point

  • dining in the dark on April 7th

    • raise awareness for blind and visually impaired

    • volunteer to help guide the Blind waiters to help serve the food

    • at the Hilton

    • apply to volunteer with this link

  • Apply for Service!

    • just locate service events in the community or create your own (i.e. Service Scavenger Hunt)

    • very low key


  • Craft Night is next Wednesday at 7 PM

    • RSVP due Sunday at 5 PM

    • FB event will go out tonight

    • Maybes won't be counted, need to be a yes or no

  • Apply for Sisterhood!

    • Plan a retreat for both semesters

    • Plan mini events at least 2 per month

    • handle big little matching

    • get to be really close to the new petals for the semester


  • One more event for March, Thursday, Amazing Race with AGI

    • starts at 7:30 PM to watch the Aggie Game

    • just going to the watch party won't count as your social point, however if you can't attend the race and didn't go to the date party talk to Shelby

    • location TBD

    • the Race will start at 9 PM in lot 100

    • will be doing tasks around town, each tasks worth a certain amount points

    • will end at NG but you don't have to stay for NG

  • Crawfish boil with Alpha Sig April 5th

    • FB event to get head count to order crawfish

  • there are two social events in april besides formal that you must attend at least one for your april requirement

  • Formal

    • April 28th

    • 6:30-9:30, hard start time

    • Hotel: Fairfield-Austin University

    • Room Assignments

    • Must meet all of your requirements to attend

    • buses are very expensive, still looking, but since it's 15 mins from the dock we'll most likely be driving ourselves so carpool

    • if you're 21 or older, you will be checking In keys to an officer and have to check them out before you leave to make sure there's no drunk driving

    • tickets for date is $30--gets ya 2 shirts

  • Apply for Social!

    • easy job! is what you make it

    • get in touch with men's orgs to plan mixers

    • plan date parties/formal/semi-formal


  • If you know who Diana Outlaw is reach out to Amber and let her know

  • Apply for Charity Liaison

    • I know more now then when I started

    • it's a fantastic event, we raised over 3000 pounds of food

    • literally have a how to binder for you


  • 5 demerits = probation and no formal

  • if you don't complete paying your dues in full for THIS semester and LAST semester=no formal

  • Points locked for formal: APRIL 2ND @ 5PM

    • if you PLAN on getting the required points you are missing, must email explaining how/when in order to be placed on the "Approved" list for formal DUE APRIL 3RD BY 5PM

    • EXAMPLE: "I plan on signing up to work ____ shift for ___ hours in order to get my required _____ points."

  • Executive Board Apps go out NEXT MONDAY, March 26th (looks really good on resume) 

    • Apps/Presentations due on Sunday, April 1st by midnight

    • Exec Elections at next general meeting (April 2nd)

    • Exec Interviews sometimes between Monday, April 2nd - Friday, April 6th (exact times and dates TBA by new president)

    • New executive team announced: April 8th







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  • 7 fundraising

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  • NEW PASSWORD: Blossoms2020


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