April 2nd Meeting Minutes

April 3, 2018

Guest Speaker:

  • Teacher for America

    • Teach for America is a national corps that is working to eliminate educational inequity in low-income areas by rallying our most promising future leaders to teach for two years in urban and rural public schools. Our organization is open to all backgrounds and academic majors - the majority who join are not education majors! Many members of TFA go on to be lawyers, doctors, or work in politics after their time in the corps.


      There are 53 regions TFA is located in including Texas, California, Colorado, and even Hawaii! Students who join the corps will have the possibility of having their student loans deferred and having their graduate school paid for.


      We are currently specifically recruiting juniors for our Early Application Process with the final application deadline on April 13th. If you can accommodate our presentation, it would be ideal before April 13th.  The announcement will not take more than 5 minutes! I look forward to hearing from you in the next few days!

Treasurer Abbey Menard (aggieblossomstreasurer@gmail.com)

  • All outstanding dues must be turned in by April 16th.

Secretary Jordan Kelly (aggieblossomssecretary@gmail.com)

  • Adulting 101 cancelled

Fundraising Arya Monticino (aggieblossomsfundraise@gmail.com)

  • Chipotle profit share huge success

  • Bake Sale 4/9-11

    • Baking nights 4/9-10

    • Table in Rudder Plaza and Blocker 4/10 10 am-2 pm

    • Table in 12th man hall and blocker 4/11 10 am-2 pm

    • For baking, 1 point=per 12 cookies, 1 point=home; (no max points for baking)

    • Email for baking specifics will be sent out, no points for baked goods if don’t follow guidelines

Historian Corey Bruno (corey23@tamu.edu)

  • March Madness--thank y'all for volunteering

  • Scrapbook

    • make you're own page (yes they can be pics of just selfies)

    • due next meeting

Philanthropy Mayra Martinez (aggieblossomsphilanthropy@gmail.com)

  • Binglow Shirts

    • $8 per shirt

    • You can pay in cash, venmo (@MayraMartinez6) or check (made out to Aggie Blossoms)

    • if you sell 2 shirts, you can get a demerit you received for Binglow removed

  • Cane’s Profit Share—4/18

  • Backpack Building—4/21

Public Relations Amy Luo (aggieblossomspublicrelations@gmail.com)

  • PR shirts expected soon

  • Merch

    • Price change for tank and cap

      • tank 17

      • cap

      • football pins 

    • Next poll will be for the people that will actually buy, if you said you were interested, try and buy merch because if the numbers are less than expected then the price will change

  • PR pics 4/8, 5 pm at backside of Admin Plaza, same outfit

Service Caroline Tidwell (aggieblossomsservice@gmail.com)

  • Dining in the Dark—4/7

    • If you plan on attending this event you need to send me proof of your sign up by the point deadline for formal 

    • When at the event send a photo of yourself there for proof

  • Cards for Hospitalized Kids—4/22

    • 10am-12pm before sisterhood lake day event

    • 1 point per hour 1 point for wearing a blossoms shirt

    • making cards on your own 15 cards = 1 point (make sure to follow all the guidelines for general cards on the Cards for Hospitalized Kids website)

    • If cards don't follow guidelines or are poorly done they won't be counted

    • If making your own cards they must be given to me by April 14th

Sisterhood Kasey Coffman (aggieblossomssisterhood@gmail.com)

Social Shelby Morales (aggieblossomssocial@gmail.com)

President Ambur Duron (aggieblossoms@gmail.com)

Future President Arya Monticino

  • Exec Board elections

    • Interviews started today and will be on Wednesday

    • Decisions come out 4/8

Meeting Minutes Question: https://goo.gl/forms/zcO2ycNY4NEMnGjp2

  • Due Friday April 6th, by 5 pm


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